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Standing Rooster Pheasant Chainsaw Carving

Roughing out the standing Rooster Pheasant out of a scrap.We've had a lot of projects going on all over the place around here, but I always try to have a couple irons in the fire that are for me to keep me excited, and keep the creative juices flowing. I decided to get out and let the chainsaw roar this winter, and I've started with a couple pheasant pieces. One a flying Rooster Pheasant, and the other a standing rooster pheasant. The standing Rooster I actually cut out of a left-over chunk of white pine from the flying rooster so I was limited on shape, but I made it work. I tried to keep the paint job loose, and just put on a fresh coat of Timber Oil.










Roughed out standing rooster pheasant.First splash of color onto the rooster pheasantFirst, quick rough coat of paint over.Coat of Timber Oil over the finished paint job.

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