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The Daily Outdoorsmen

We decided to create a new section to our blog where we want to create a little more content. Many people have given us feedback that they enjoy seeing the everyday things we're up to and our projects, but we hesitate to flood our social media accounts with continuous information to those who don't want to see all that information. Therefore we decided we wanted to create a new blog section that is a little lighter on the serious side, and more in tuned with what a blog is supposed to be with more casual and regular information that our larger write-ups.

This section of our blog is intended to chronicle many of our day to day projects and activities from our time in the outdoors, paintings, knife making, rod building, and fly tying, to what designs, gear, and other projects we're working on for the Modern Wild. Basically we want a place fellow outdoorsmen/sportsmen can choose to come and check out what we're up to that might be a bit more candid than our social media accounts! We also love to hear comments on anything we post, so do not hesitate to shoot a quick comment on a post if you have one.

Stay tuned as we're planning on keeping the posts coming!

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