Modern & Wild

Which moment stands out in contributing to your love for the outdoors?

We don't believe anyone can look back to a specific event or moment from their past that marks the time which their love for the outdoors was breathed into life. We believe this pull to the wild births from a collection of moments throughout one's past that continue to strengthen the need to experience the outdoors throughout one's life. Childhood excitement at the end of a dock with sunfish in hand, adolescent adventures through woodlands in the pursuit of big game, matured experiences pursuing ol' ruff behind the eager nose of a young four legged companion, twilight tranquility in the aroma of basswood blossoms monitoring home tied flies being slurped by energetic brookies - any of these moments from our past and future have, and are awaiting to contribute to our love of, and desire to be in the wild.  Particularly in our modern age, the need of the individual to be a part of a transverse world is of paramount importance to keep perspective.

Our concept of "Modern Wild" is born out of this need for the alternative.  We recognize and embrace many elements of our world and technology but understand the need for that wild balance.  Modern technology provides many additional opportunities to build and enhance our love for the outdoors and its importance. Our hope is to use modern knowledge and technology to enhance our experience of the outdoors without losing the wild, and to connect and share our, and others' experiences with the goal to look back at the question of "which moment stands out in contributing to your love for the outdoors," and to say, there are too many to choose from.

We look forward to meeting others that share a similar desire and spending some time in the woods and on the water with them.

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