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Wet Wipes - Top Items for Every Sportsman's Vehicle

I know what your thinking - "Moist towelettes?" Well, you sportsmen will thank me after you try leaving a package of wet wipes in the car over hunting season. There are many situations that arise where wipes come in handy. Wiping blood off fingers for one, whether it be from gutting the deer felled by your arrow, or maybe your pointer cut their sniffer as it barreled through a thorny raspberry patch in search of timberdoodle and its ruffed neighbor. In another scenario you need to wipe your hands after trying to eat a chocolate bar that had been effectively transformed to goop via the sun after being left in the truck while you were hunting. The latter scenario is certainly among the most common. At least for me. Try Clorox wipes or any that aren't lotion infused. Of course you can always rub your hands in dirt, or a nearby mud hole
Give it a try this season - you won't regret it!
-Adam R, Modern Wild

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