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Modern Wild Blogs

The Modern Wild brothers are always up to something, and have numerous projects going at any given time, and we have two blog sections where we post to keep that information flowing to those are interested!

The Daily Outdoorsmen 
This section of our blog is intended to chronicle many of our day to day projects and activities from our time in the outdoors, paintings, knife making, rod building, and fly tying, to what designs, gear, and other projects we're working on for the Modern Wild. Basically we want a place fellow outdoorsmen/sportsmen can choose to come and check out what we're up to that might be a bit more candid than our social media accounts!

Wild is Life
In-Depth and informative articles written by us, covering many subjects from food recipes, hunting strategies, fishing stories or anything in between. We don't post to this blog as often, but when we we do it is driven by a large amount of thought and preparation on the specific topic!