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State Ruff Country, Ruffed Grouse Decals, Choose your State!

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Finally we brought the popular "Ruff Country" state patch concept to decals! Ruff country state decals are available in a selection of states including Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Virginia! If you don't see your state, shoot us a message and will add it to the list!

Be advised, these decals are a permanent style and have a very strong bond - Stick them only where you want them! They are available in Black, White, Brown, and Orange (not blaze). Decals range in shape/size, but they are approximately 6 inches on the long side - Some are 6" x 6" while others may be 6" x 4" depending on decal/state shape! If you want exact size for a specific decal just shoot us a message.

***As with most of our products, we are very open to custom orders, and encourage you to contact us regarding any custom designs or modifications!***