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Modern Wild Hunting & Fishing Videos

Photography and running video are our high on our priority list on our wild outings. We have a blast throwing our footage together into hopefully entertaining sequences! 

2016 Season Woodcock

Of Trilliums & Trout

"Woodcockalypse" - Woodcock Hunting

Bugs & Bronze - Smallmouth Fishing

This video is a compilation of our woodcock hunting footage from the 2015 Minnesota season.  Though we were limited on our camera gear, we did what we could manage. Hope you enjoy! We always have a great time pulling in the bronzebacks, and it is always more exciting bending 9' of graphite while the fly reel screams hoping your home tied flies hold true.

Spot and Stalk Mule Deer Hunt, Archery in North Dakota

Thanksgiving Pheasant Run 2014

A very respectable Mule Deer my brother Adam Regier shot on his first spot and stalk mule deer hunt. Fun stalk after a long chase, and a great shot made by Adam on the fly. With limited time and poor wild bird numbers, we decided to hit a local game farm for some dogwork and pheasant for the frying pan!