Online Resources

We have had the pleasure to come in contact with many individuals, groups and organizations over the last several years through our social media and conservation involvement.  Here's a short list of several of these that we would encourage you to check out!

Border to Border Outfitters, southern Arizona Quail hunting outfitter and guide.
We have had the pleasure of being afield with B2B and have great respect for their operation.  B2B specializes in Arizona quail hunting behind a pack of pro GSP's, and also travels to the north border chasing the King Ruffed Grouse during the MN season.  The Project Upland series is truly a first of its kind in the world of Upland Hunting. Telling the story of the upland hunters across the country through an artistic eye in a truly unique video experience.
The Grousefather blog and Upland Hunting Resource website. Promoting the sport of upland hunting, particularly the Ruffed Grouse and American Woodcock.  

The Northwoods'R

The GrouseFather blog and upland hunting website is a fantastic resource to the wishful, new, and experienced upland hunters alike. A strong supporter of the upland hunting community, the GrouseFather provides valuable information and reach for those in the grouse hunting community. Minnesota based blog in the spirit of the northwoods, with a focus on upland hunting. Fantastic articles outlining experiences throughout the year as well as informative articles on upland gear and hunting strategy.
The Ruffed Grouse Society, and American Woodcock Society, are top notch conservation organizations aimed at our favorite game bird species and are continuously in motion, working towards our continued enjoyment of the sport as well as preserving these two great species.